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 Its a Total Repair
A Professional Formulation with herbal, organic and restorative properties to nourish and rebuilt your hair
R'olvoi provides the nourishment and balance that is important for healthy, manageable and lustrous hair.

Our Innovation

1. How it works?

Its a Total Repair A Professional Formulation with herbal, organic and restorative properties to nourish and rebuilt your hair. R'olvoi provides the nourishment and balance that is important for healthy, manageable and lustrous hair. It improves the overall health, quality and texture of the hair. Enriched with a blend of organic ingredients, it restores hair vitality just as a calcium supplement cures deficiency spots on nails. The hygiene and the quality of the product are totally assured.

2. Naturally fortifying ingredients that -Repair & Rebuilt

Amidst an array of hair care products, R’OLVOI has emerged as a revolutionary options that transforms and redefines your hair. Its special formulation prevents damage and loss due to pollution and adverse lifestyle changes. This is a distinctive and richly botanical composition suitable for all hair types. R’OLVOI is the only product in this category which has 0% chemical and is completely damage free.

3. A Root to Tip Solution

Today most hair care products are formulated using excessive chemicals but R’OLVOI has emerged as a safe organic option. Its unadulterated and damage free unique composition helps in total repair and rebuilt. Research and trails speaks out it to be the best hair care therapy anyone can give off to the hair. Within a short course of time, it can soften your hair with a great healthy texture. Its nourishment process is so much like feeding your hair.

4. We Innovate for Health

The buzz word today is innovation. The result - great inventions such as advanced phones, smart gadgets etc. that have made our lives easier. But as far as health care products are concerned, not much is done. We continue to use formulations laden with chemical and preservatives that can cause immense harm with prolonged usage.

5. Grey Hair solution

Researchers believes that out of eight, one of R’OLVOI’s ingredient helps in sustaining the natural hair color (considered to be the black as default color). With the long term use, it may help sustain or retain the natural hair color. Scientist believe that it can help those individuals who gets grey hair at their early ages. R’OLVOI helps those Individuals's to sustain their black hair again. The research still continues with better trails to help Individual's with safe organical solutions to keep up the health with good hair texture.

6. Why Online ?

Our Online Chain is very much consistent and helpful to our valuable customers. Online Supply helps getting the customers in buying the best date product making it also beneficial in terms of money through cutting the distribution chain.

Our Product


- Hair Fall Reduction 

- Best Quality Hair  

- Softness

R'olvoi - A New Innovated organic Hair Product that ensures 0% Damage to Hair and Resulting the best ever results..


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Facebook Updates

Product Review

Aditi Sharma



Hey Aditi here, I'm glad to use R'olvoi and i have been very impressed with the results i got from very less period of time.. especially my Hair texture became very soft and manageable...Thanks R'olvoi

Saloni Thakur



Hey Saloni here, My Hair Fall Stopped completely wihtin 4 minths of time period. I love this product

Urvashi Tatter


Much Needed

Hey Urvashi from Noida, I have been using R'OLVOI since 3 months now and the results are great. My Hair texture is superb and Hair Fall has been stopped completely. Its no dounbt a powerfull innovation. Thankyou

Tanisha Mehra


A good product

R'olvoi potential is very affective...just few weeks and it improved my quality of hair.. best product till date..!!

Harish Bhatacharya


good buy

I liked the taste, its sweet n creamy...R'olvoi is safe and healthy for hair...thumbsup for the best product discovered so far..!!!

Amit Pandey


Good Product

i liked r'olvoi. its Very result hair fal stopped within a months time and so i will continue it always....!!

Meera K. Prajapathi


Good Product

hey I am Meera Prajapathi, 48 years old...I am using R'olvoi since 2 months and my hair fall stopped considerably. I keep suggesting it to my friends also.. Thankyou Rolvoi

Prerna Lalvani


Love R'olvoi..!!

hey...i have been using R'olvoi from past 3 months and my hair on a permanent basis reversed the damage that occurred due to high usage of conditioners and straightening treatments... I would highly recommend R'olvoi to everyone out there....Its results are superb and worth....My hair have become soft and hair fall got reduced majorly....thanks R'olvoi...Thumbs up!!

pankaj vora


good buy

Hey pankaj here from kota....recently I odered this product...and trust me its a must buy for hair...its results are affective and worth to pay for...its simply ur food fr healthy hair...

Priya Paul


much needed product

Its been yrs in modeling. Hair and skin get so much exposed in chemicals and their harsh results in the end. even those products results are temporary on hair. TRust me, it was a great relief when i saw this product reference and i was much positive after i got results. in just 1 and a half month my hair fall reduced and my hair texture is soft and manageable. recently when i updated myself with more of R'olvoi's long term result. I became its so far..!!

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